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An Interview with Ghost Mine s Patrick Doyle

We were told a few episodes back that the Masons were involved with the mine, and once used the bed and breakfast in town as a meeting hall. This show was easily recognizable as fake when I recognized several actors in it besides Kristen. Kristen and Patrick meet them when they come out to ask them about what happened. More research unearthed the fact that Kristen once appeared in a Girls Gone Wild video as well. So Patrick is thinking that every show that is televised that it was consecutive filming, but there were many, many, filming times where they got nothing.

But when you came to me and layed all this on me, I thought that you might be losing it after all these years. One of the best paranormal shows ever Reply. All I'm saying Is that even if the show is fake or real mines are hunted. There's only one way to find out if these things really happen. What I've seen there's no explanation for.

  1. It's all entertainment value.
  2. That combined with the fact that none of these shows is real made it obvious this is a fraud.
  3. Please come up with some way to bring it back.
  4. As soon as a situation unveils, you hit record, and you miss it.
  5. Too good to be true actually.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Either SyFy sent out a dozen crews to a dozen different locations, and chose the one with the most compelling evidence, or they totally scripted the entire show. This was a sit down interview with the cast which reviewed the previous season. The point is, go out and experience life, live and learn, it's much more rewarding if you do.

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Judging from his own words, it appears that Patrick and Kristen may actually be seeing what they want see, mumbai dating site free which undermines the premise of the show. But there's probably a good reason for that. Please be more careful with your accusations in the future. The Lost Creek Medicine Show.

Your email address will not be published. As a person who gets out and does things, I find this disappointing. It may come as no surprise to readers that his site hauntedhoax. Another thing is in the finale, while everything looked convincing, kit I wonder what the explosion was at the end that appeared to cave in the entrance that nobody questioned. Doyle further elaborates on how he knows the shows are not real.

Location Scouts are paid well to research and seek out the best location for their production. Then I noticed that even the miners seemed too good to be true. Growing up in a victorian mansion I had many odd experiences. In my amateur exploring, one thing I have learned, free this stuff rarely happens when your camera is rolling! While working at a place on Gates Rd.

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The action picks up when Kristen and Patrick are watching the miners work on monitors set up in their cabin. Just a different approach. Duck and Jay are working when they hear a strange banging sound.

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Ghost Mine Preview Thursday On Destination America

Being the daughter of a retired mine inspector, seeing someone smoking a pipe underground set off alarms in my head. The miners contend with the encroaching forest fire while paranormal activity continues to haunt them. Newer Post Older Post Home. Show me what you like but do not insult my intelligence and break the law by lying about the show.

Syfy s GHOST MINE with Kristen Luman & Patrick Doyle

Ghosts And Other Supernatural Things. Karen Nance Loved Ghost Mine! Richard please bring back Ghost Mine. With a new miner joining the crew, the men are determined to break through the debris barrier in the newly discovered ballroom. Maybe the Arizona mine might be a good ideal.

The Lost Creek Medicine Show Ghost Mine Reality Questioned Again

Dont know if it is real or fiction Reply. But then the investigators are contacted by a local who wants to secretly meet with them. Did you even check with the fans?

Audible Download Audio Books. This is a great show, as for it being fake or not, I don't care. But I suppose that there are individuals out there in the world that, even though they probably work a McDonald's drive-thru, they will claim they know more about T. My two centavos, for the moment. Presenting this stuff as a reality show is an insult to true paranormal investigators who are out there searching for the truth.

If that's not proof that the supernatural is involved, I don't know what will convince you skeptics! Please bring back this show. Why does everyone have to be so damn negative all the time?

Ghost Mine Reality Questioned Again - The Lost Creek Medicine Show

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The only way that could happen was to have two cameras constantly shooting, but the only people in that cramped space were two miners and a camera operator. Capturing good evidence is rare, and Patrick and Kristen appear to capture it over and over, presenting their findings to the miners. It just doesn't work that way. The one with no guests staying at it? He appears very hesitant and mechanical.

The point is, don't hate on the star's of the show because you allowed yourselves to be fooled. That would be a cool thing. Luckey B Please bring this back for a new season on Destination America! You gotta remember they are on a network called SyFy, Science fiction. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Up until this point it could be that SyFy just happened upon a really good location to shoot their show. Digging in I found that the stories told about the area to be true. If the show is boring and no one watches it, nobody makes money and everyone knows it's about the money.

  • Pretty cruddy folks feel they can drag people's name through the mud based on what they think they know.
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  • Patrick does all the talking, assuring Larry they will do as they are told, while Kristen just sits there with an obnoxious look on her face.
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